the bizarre behavior of congressman david wu

What in the world...? Yo, what the hell is going on with Rep. David Wu? According to Willamette Week, just days before last fall's midterm elections, the Oregon congressman was behaving so strangely that staffers staged multiple interventions and requested he seek psychiatric help: Documents Show Congressman David Wu's Staff "Threatened to Shut Down His Campaign."
U.S. Rep. David Wu’s behavior grew so erratic in the final weeks before his re-election last November that the Oregon Democrat’s closest political advisers staged two of what some of them termed “interventions” to urge him to seek psychiatric help, WW has learned.

Wu played down their concerns. Several staffers and consultants left his employ after the confrontations. Wu responded to written questions for this story on Feb. 14 and today answered more detailed written questions based on further reporting only through a spokesman.

Documents obtained by WW—emails and photographs sent from Wu’s federally issued BlackBerry in the early-morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010—reveal a bizarre portrait of Wu in the days right before the Nov. 2 general election.
You really have to read the full Wilamette Week story, which outlines and details Wu's increasingly odd behavior during this time -- including a bizarre series of emails -- and his staffers' attempts to stage multiple "interventions."

Of course, there could be a rational explanation for all of this... but man, I hope it's one hell of an explanation. More here: Rep. David Wu's staff confronted him over concerns about his mental health.

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