film fundraising: horror short film green plastic sandals

Last year, I posted a casting call for Green Plastic Sandals, a supernatural horror short film in the vein of Japanese horror classics like The Grudge and The Ring. Directed by Stephanie Wu and produced by Gerry Kim, they're currently in the process of online fundraising to finish the film. Some details from their IndieGoGo campaign:
In this short film, Rita is about to commit a cultural taboo: marrying outside of her ethnicity. But Rita's parents are dead. And she can marry whomever she wishes. Or can she?

GREEN PLASTIC SANDALS is a film about identity, and the horror that you feel when one part of yourself conflicts with another. Rita is a woman who is torn between the traditions of her family and her own individual desires. The project is inspired by Japanese horror classics like THE GRUDGE, THE RING, and DARK WATER, as well as Polanski’s REPULSION, a psychological thriller about a woman whose unconscious fears are manifested in the world around her.

With the help of previous donors and a grant from the SyFy Channel, the film was completed back in September 2010. The directors are nearing a final cut, but in order to finish, we need funds for the following:

-Sound Mix and Design

-Music Composition

-Visual Effects

-Color Correct

All essential elements in making a horror film like ours work!
While they've finished shooting, they still need some cash to put those final touches and really turn it into the creepy film it's supposed to be. As of this writing, they've only raise a fraction of their $2,500 goal. If you're a horror fan, or you just want to help out some Asian American student filmmakers, you can make a pledge here.

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