four arrested in asian-on-asian hate crime

Oh man, this is insane. In Los Angeles, four Korean American men were arrested in connection with the robbery and assault of a Chinese American man outside a restaurant in Rowland Heights, in what authorities described as a hate crime: Chinese American man beaten by Korean Americans in alleged hate-crime attack, authorities say.

Yeah. Asian on Asian violence. F#@%ing idiots. The four suspects, Jachin Yi, Peter Kim, Jae Du, and Hwan Huh, are allegedly connected with the Korean American street gang "Asian Mafia Assassins," based in eastern Los Angeles County. They attacked this guy for no apparent reason, other than the fact that he was Chinese:
A group of seven Korean American men were eating inside the restaurant when one of them approached the victim, whose name was not released, and asked if he was Korean. He responded that he was Chinese and shortly after received his order and left the restaurant.

The man who had approached the victim followed him outside, accompanied by five other men. Once outside, the suspects began beating the victim with their hands and feet "for no apparent reason," Kim said.

The suspects then vandalized the victim's car, "causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage," Kim said. It was later determined they had stolen the victim's wallet and taken his GPS navigator.
Several bystanders intervened to stop the assault. Kim said the man "suffered numerous cuts and bruises all over his body, including a large cut on the top of his head, which required medical staples."
Investigators were able to track down and apprehend the suspects using witness statements, license plate numbers, surveillance video, and the ATM card one of the suspects just happened to leave behind in the parking lot. Police are still looking for at least two other suspects.

The suspects were charged robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and hate crimes. I can't even begin to understand what kind of stupid shit happened here. More here: 4 Members of "Asian Mafia Assassins" Arrested for Hate Crime Against Chinese Man Ordering Take-Out from Korean Restaurant.

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