music video: "goodnight company" by jane lui

Goodness. All of my favorite musicians have been dropping new videos this week. Check out the official music video for "Goodnight Company" by the incomparable Jane Lui. Great song, and a ridiculously cute video, thanks to some awesome homemade cardboard props and Jane's bespectacled charming self. Very fun stuff:

Directed by Steve Ellington, the music video was shot in Zurich(!) and tells quirky little tale: "Getting to know someone often means getting to know the world that surrounds them too. Here, girl introduces boy to her imaginary findings!" Looks like a party, and every party needs a painted cardboard boombox.

Fun fact: Jane and I attended the same junior high... a long, long time ago. I didn't know her back then, but I'm glad I know her now, because she makes beautiful, amazing music. "Goodnight Company" is the title track off of her latest album, which is currently available as a free download. To get it, and to learn more about Jane Lui's music, go to her official website here.

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