music video: "master piece" by emi meyer

Here's the super lovely new music video for "Master Piece" by Japanese American singer/songwriter Emi Meyer. Directed Emi and Shingo Annen, and shot inside a museum in Los Angeles, the track is from her upcoming English album Suitcase of Stones. Take a look:

Gorgeous. I'm a relatively new Emi Meyer fan, but I instantly fell in love with her soulful, jazzy vocals. I've got her album Curious Creature and her Japanese record Passport -- and I don't even understand Japanese. So I'm pretty excited to hear Suitcase of Stones, due out in Japan on March 9, and in the U.S. on May 9.

For more information on Emi Meyer and her music, check out her official website here and her Facebook page here. And if you're digging her music, be sure to download "Birthday Wish," the free track Emi and Dave Liang of the Shanghai Restoration Project recorded in celebration of this blog's 10th anniversary.

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