music video: "run together" by iz

Some new music for you! 454 Entertainment presents the official music video for "Run Together", a remix of Kanye West's "Runaway" by Los Angeles-based rapper IZ, from his freshly dropped mixtape IT IZ WHAT IT IZ Vol. 1. It's his personal tribute to the artists and friends who have inspired him over the years. Take a look:

I'm feeling this. And I'm not just saying that because IZ throws me an unexpected shout in track -- I'm humbled -- but because this is a guy who knows his community, looks back with wisdom about where he's been, and looks forward with hope. It clearly comes from the heart. In his own words:
"This is my special tribute to the amazing things weve accomplished and to the unwavering support of the gathering community which makes dreams come true. We are witnessing history!

This i my special tribute to artists I respect and love who have always shown love back over the years. The kind of love that inspires movements and makes the impossible possible. Look at us now!

Seeing u do the things u do fills me strength. It makes me proud to be an Asian American. I love you bruthas and sistas... Lets show the world what theyve never seen: Asians coming together and showing the world what we're capable of.
It Iz What It Iz, from 454 Life Entertainment, is currently available as a free digital download here. The 17-track mixtape features cuts from Far East Movement, Bobby Valentino, Nipsey Hussle, Freeway, Michelle Martinez and more. For more information, including shows and other news, go to the 454 Facebook page here.

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