the new power rangers are not color-coded by race

The Power Rangers are back! I am actually surprised to learn that this show is still on. But Power Rangers Samurai, the latest iteration of the multi-colored monster-fighting heroes -- now apparently in its 18th(!) season -- is back with a new look and new cast. The new show premiered last week on Nickelodeon.

I mention it here because the starring cast includes Erika Fong as Mia, The Pink Samurai Ranger. Here's a video clip of them doing the morphin' action thing:

Yup. Still looks pretty friggin' terrible. The kids will love it!

It's funny to even mention this, but I do think it's worth noting that the Asian girl in the group is the Pink Ranger. A long way from the ridiculous original season where the multi-ethnic characters were actually color-coded by race. Back in 1993, Thuy Trang played Trini, The Yellow Ranger. (Sadly, Trang died in a car accident in 2001. RIP.)

This isn't first season where they've changed things up, and there have been several Asian American cast members (playing non-Yellow Rangers) during the different versions of the show. But I haven't been paying attention. However, this hilarious video explains quite a bit about that first season:

Ah, let's just face it. Zordon was racist.

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