a rainy day for earthworms trailer

I recently learned about the indie film A Rainy Day for Earthworks, the debut feature from writer/director Mei Jia-Li. Shot on location in Boston's Chinatown, the film follows the perspective of a first generation Chinese American child after tragedy shakes the community. Take a look at the trailer:

The trailer doesn't reveal a whole lot, plot-wise, but you get a great sense of the look and feel of the film. I absolutely love that quiet, observant verite style.

I'm told they're almost finished with production (principal photography began in July 2010), but they're still getting some scratch together to complete. To that end, they've got a Kickstarter page going, and are asking anyone and everyone to take a look at the trailer, read up on the project, and find it in their heart to donate to this homegrown labor of love. They've got a goal of $5,000.

The hope is to eventually submit A Rainy Day for Earthworms to film festivals later this year for all to see. For more information and background on the project, visit the film's Facebook page here and the Kickstarter page here.

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