toy story 3 screenwriter taking on kung fu snow white movie

Disney seems to have made some forward progress on its proposed new version of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story -- with an Asian twist. Snow and the Seven, a live-action martial arts take on the fairy tale, has actually been in development for years. (I first wrote about it back in 2002.)

Just imagine the seven dwarfs as seven badass Shaolin monks. Or something. It practically writes itself! But word on the street is that Michael Arndt, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Toy Story 3, is currently in talks to work on the script: 'Toy Story 3' Writer to Take on Disney's Snow White Project.
Michael Arndt, who just last week received an Oscar nomination for his work on Toy Story 3, is in negotiations to work on the script. Production designer John Myhre, an Oscar winner for his work on Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago who’s working on Disney’s new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, has been brought on board to begin creating the worlds of the fairy tale, which is set in 19th century China.

Yes, China.

The unique project, which Disney has been developing since 2002, centers on a 19th century Englishwoman who returns to her Hong Kong home for her father's funeral, only to discover that her stepmother is plotting against her. She escapes to mainland China, finding solace among a rogue band of seven international warriors.
Hey, I'll give it a shot until I give it a shot. At the very least, it opens the door for seven different Asian actors -- right? No? Right? Eh? Natalie Portman has previously been connected to star in the project, but who knows what's up with her and her expectant self. I remember also hearing master fight choreographer Yuen Wo-Ping's name in the mix. Keep an eye on this one -- it might actually get made.

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