weird-ass craigslist posting, part 236

This is another one from Craigslist, the online repository of weirdo requests. Everybody knows that Asians give the best head massages. Sky here certainly knows it... and wants it:
can an indian or asian man massage my head? - w4m - 37 (philadelphia)

hi..i'm sky...i'd like to know if an indian or asian man can massage just my head...?

i'm choosing an indian or asian man because they are vary relaxing ....indian men know how to oil a womans head and asian men can massage like a pro....

i've been stressed out latly and the only thing that calms me is a head massage just my head thats all ... thats it...
i can give u a massage in exchange...hope to see you soon...nahmastay.......
Calling all "Indian or Asian" men in Philadelphia... there's a head out there that needs your innate, god-given oil and massage skills. (Thanks, Max.)

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