blue scholars cinemetropolis kickstarter campaign

One of the music releases I'm most looking forward to this year is Cinemetropolis, the new album from Seattle's Blue Scholars -- their first full-length release since 2007's Bayani. It's about time!

Never known to stick to the script, the group describes the record as their most ambitious release yet. And they recently announced that the entire project would be crowd-funded -- 100% created by donations from the people. You know how this works. That means you!

How excited are fans for this release? I was going to put out the request to donate to the project's Kickstarter fund, but they've already managed to reach their initial $25,000 goal. That's enthusiasm.

But with nearly a month to go, there's no reasons to stop pledging. Funds from the campaign will go towards all the other related promotional stuff that goes along with making Cinemetropolis bigger and badder. For more information, head over to Kickstarter: "CINEMETROPOLIS": BLUE SCHOLARS SIGNS TO THE PEOPLE.

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