ching! chang! pok!

Check out this weird-ass reading passage that was recently spotted in a third grade standardized (MAP) test in Missouri. In this educational essay, the author explains that rock-paper-scissors -- allegedly called "Ching! Chang! Pok!" in China -- is an ancient game that originates from Asia. A few things immediately come to mind:

1. Seriously -- "ching chang pok"? That can't be right.

2. Does anyone find it strange that someone has actually written out detailed instructions to explain rock-paper-scissors to school children?

3. I would really like to see the corresponding reading comprehension questions that followed this passage. "What sign beats rock?"

4. I can just imagine kids taking this test, then hearing the scattered sound of little white kids chanting "Ching! Chang! Pok!" all over the playground during recess.

(Thanks, Esther.)

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