city of chicago human relations' psa project

The City of Chicago's Commission on Human Relations' Advisory Council on Asian Affairs is looking for ideas and suggestions to create a 30-second public service announcement about the Commission's work promoting diversity and eliminating prejudice and discrimination.

To do this, they're soliciting creative, innovative suggestions from you, the good people of the public. Particularly young people. (Since it's a City of Chicago organization, they can only accept ideas from City of Chicago residents.) Here's some more information:
The objective of the PSA is to help raise awareness about discrimination, its effects and how the Commission can help victims of discrimination and hate crimes. An additional objective of the PSA(s) is to help raise awareness in minority communities on where to go for help and other resources if victimized by discrimination or a hate crime.

One of the ways the public can get assistance is by contacting the City of Chicago’s 311 helpline, visit its website, contact the commission of Human Relations or by contacting one of its advisory council community members for more information on where to go to for help. The Commission’s eight advisory councils include: African; Arab; Asian; Immigrant & Refugee; Latino; Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Trangender (LGBT); Women; and Veterans .

The Advisory Councils work with city government to identify and address practices and actions which have a discriminatory impact on a respective constituency. Additionally the councils serve as liaisons betweens City government and the community to promote cooperation and enhance services.

Special note: The Asian Council requests that your script ideas be somewhat standard in nature, so they can be readily adaptable to filming in multiple languages. Please submit your script ideas by April 1, 2011 via email or mail at the address below. Your script ideas can be submitted in the following forms: MS Word Document, Video/DVD/Video Tape/CD and must not be in proprietary software. By submitting your idea(s), you give full rights, usage and ownership of the material(s) to the City of Chicago and its personnel. If your script idea is chosen, you will be credited in the PSA and are free to reference this project in your resume. YOU MUST BE A CITY OF CHICAGO RESIDENT!!!!!

For more information on this project, please contact:

Michael Huang
PSA Committee Chair - Volunteer
Chicago Commission of Human Relations Advisory Council on Asian Affairs
740 N Sedgwick, Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60654
Email: mhuang1181@gmail.com
The deadline to submit your script idea is April 1. If your idea is chosen, you'll be credited in the PSA and are free to reference this project on your resume. For further information on the the Advisory Council on Asian Affairs, go to the City of Chicago website here.

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