job announcement: mtv k scriptwriter

Got this job announcement passed along to me the other day, and figured someone out there in readerland might be a good fit for this... MTV K, a new(?) MTV brand focusing on Korea pop culture and music, is looking for a scriptwriter. Korean language fluency is required. Here's the full job description blurb:
MTV K Scriptwriter
MTV Networks
New York, NY

MTV K, a new MTV brand focusing on Korean pop culture and music, is looking for a script-writer. Suitable candidates must have experience scripting shows for television, a solid writing background, and an up-to-the-minute knowledge of K-pop. Fluency (reading and writing) in Korean is a must. Responsibilities will be primarily script-writing for a weekly video show -- this includes researching topics, participating in brainstorming sessions, generating current topic ideas, etc.

Please send resume and 3 writing samples (at least one sample must be 2-3 pages of a script) to mtvworldjob04@gmail.com
That's all I've got. So are they resurrecting MTV K? There was a previous version of this network a few years back, before MTV pulled the plug. Guess they're giving it another go. I know more than a few K-pop enthusiasts who might be great candidates for this job. If you're interested, apply to the email address above. (Thanks, Ling.)

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