new music: "you're not alone" by model minority (japan tsunami benefit song)

Here's a song recorded by Asian American hip hop group Model Minority (D-One, Grand Master Chu and Inglish): You're Not Alone, a message of hope to create awareness and encourage others to give in this time of need. Listen up:

Some background:
We watched in horror as the news flooded in - texts, chats, TV reports - of the tragedy that struck our Japanese brothers & sisters on Friday.

As Asian-Americans, we couldn't help but see echoes of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2008 earthquake in Sichuan.

George Takei said on twitter - "Today, we are all Japanese".

It's easy to look at the stories, respond with sadness, but not actually contribute in a productive fashion. We hope this song will encourage our friends, fans, and family to respond graciously and generously.
For more information on donating, go to the Red Cross website here and the Mercy Corps website here. And for more information about Model Minority and their music, go to their Facebook page here.

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