paperdoll is looking for this dancing dude from kollabny5

Hey, are you this dancing dude? Our friends in the band PaperDoll are looking for this guy who showed off his moves and won Kollaboration New York's freestyle dance competition last year. Are you this guy? Do you know this guy? Paperdoll wants to put you in their next video. Step forward and contact teresa@paperdollband.com.

UPDATE: I'm told that word made its way to the dancing dude in question, and Paperdoll was able to track him down... all the way in Ohio. He will appear in the band's next music video!

UPDATE: Here's the lowdown, straight from the band:
'Angry Asian Man' Saves the Day: Mystery Dancer Found!

April 5th 2011, New York, NY: New York dance-rock band PaperDoll just finished shooting their latest music video for single "You Can't Stop It". But without the help of popular blog 'Angry Asian Man' and Kollaboration (the largest Asian American talent show in the world), the video would have never been made.

PaperDoll knew they wanted to feature a dancer in their anthemic dance-rock song...specifically the one they saw last summer at Kollaboration NY during the audience freestyle contest. So they found a video of him dancing at KollabNY on youtube and posted on their facebook page "PaperDoll is looking for this mystery dancer from KollabNY". Fans were reposting and the word was out, but 2 days into the search...no sign of the dancer. Then they sent a note to 'Angry Asian Man' asking him to post it up on his site.

Within a day of the posting, they found their dancer: Hans Li, a student at Ohio State. Hans' friends, avid Angry Asian Man readers, had read the post and contacted PaperDoll. A short three weeks later, the smooth pop-and-locking dancer came to Brooklyn to shoot with his new indie band friends.

The video for "You Can't Stop It" will be out end of April.
Wow, I guess people actually read this blog. Glad to be of service.

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