research survey on acculturation and intergenerational conflict among taiwanese americans

I recently heard from Wan-Chen Weng, a doctoral student in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University. He's doing a research study on acculturation, intergenerational family conflict and psychological distress among Taiwanese Americans/Taiwanese Immigrants, and is looking for subjects to take an online survey. Here's a little more information:
DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH: You are invited to participate in a study about acculturation, intergenerational family conflict, and psychological distress among Taiwanese Americans/Taiwanese Immigrants. You will be asked to complete a survey that is likely to take you approximately 15-20 minutes. The research is being conducted by Wan-Chen Weng, M.A., who is a doctoral student of Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.

RISKS AND BENEFITS: The risks of participating in this study are considered to be comparable to those involved in reading about or discussing acculturation and intergenerational family conflict issues. If the survey material raises questions or concerns, you are encouraged to exit the survey immediately and close your browser. You may also address questions to Ms. Weng, who can be reached at ww2196@columbia.edu.
If you're Taiwanese American, and would like to help out a graduate student with some research, why not take a moment to complete the online survey It takes about twenty minutes to complete. Your help is great appreciated.

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