sunnyside/woodside mugger targeting asian women

Some news and an important alert out of Queens... According to police, a mugger has recently been targeting women in Sunnyside and Woodside. Specifically, Asian women: Predator targets Sunnyside/Woodside Asian women.

In the past two weeks, three young Asian women have been followed from the 52nd Street subway station, pushed to the ground and have had their personal property stolen. All three muggings have occurred between 11:30 pm and 1:30am on either a Friday or Saturday night.

This current wave of muggings is apparently similar to a rash of muggings that happened back in January, when a 16-year-old teen was arrested for mugging five victims -- several of whom were also Asian women in their 20s.

Unfortunately, in this latest case, police don't have a description of the mugger, since the women were approached from behind, before being knocked to the ground. To all my sisters in Sunnyside/Woodside: spread the word, stay vigilant and be careful out there.

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