the tiring plight of the casino bus driver

With the horrific bus crash that recently killed fourteen people on Interstate 95 in New York, and another crash shortly after that killed at least two on the New Jersey Turnpike, the casino tour bus industry, which shuttles gamblers from cities to remote casinos, has recent found itself under quite a bit of scrutiny.

Here's a particularly depressing New York Times article focusing on the exhausting plight of casino bus drivers, who often work long hours with very little pay -- and regularly on little or no sleep: Driving Buses to Casinos, With Long Hours and Little Rest.
The low-cost tour-bus industry, where drivers often work long hours for little pay, has come under renewed scrutiny since a crash in the Bronx on Saturday killed 15 passengers on a return trip from Mohegan Sun.

The trip was typical of many in the industry, a motley collection of small outlets that operate largely out of sight of government regulators. Drivers, tour operators and watchdog groups say that many employees receive no benefits, work long hours and are poorly compensated. Federal rules that restrict drivers’ hours are only sporadically enforced, and some drivers say they have felt pressure to take long-haul trips that often stretch beyond the legal limit.
The driver in the Mohegan Sun crash, Ophadell Williams, apparently had previous driving violations and a criminal record. But when other drivers heard about the crash, many immediately wondered, naturally, if fatigue had played a role in the accident. Next time you board one these discount buses, consider the driver, who may or may not be tired out of his mind and potentially dozing off at the wheel...

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