video: asians in library rap by afterschoolspecial

Better late than never, I guess... Our friends in afterschoolspecial have put together a funny video response to our favorite little hater of Asians in the library. Making some noise in the stacks, DanakaDan breaks it down to tell you how much he (and his aunts and uncles and brothers and cousins) love libraries and phones. Take a look:

Here are the lyrics:

Asians in the library, getting hella crazy
Studying Poly Sci, Listening to Brad Paisley
We Pasty, We eating Chocolate Pastries
With Sprinkles on Top, Damn Dude they're tasty
Libraries wayyy Awesome, books up in stacks
Non Fiction Rants on Facts about Cats
Get my Study on, But Yo! Where's my Phone
Your Phones' right here, Not a library without a phone
Damn i'm in the zone studying ridiculous Math
With like a 1000 other Asians, each back to back
Each arm to arm, then my phone blasts loud
Everyone's phone rings and i'm feeling hella proud
Yo i love my phone, nothing else can phase me
One thing on my mind, thank god for brad paisley
Had an Epiphany, this library's amazing,
Ching Chong, ling long is the phrase that pays me

To the aunts, uncles, brothers and cousin,
Grandmas, dads, mom's, second cousins
Everyone related all across the globe
I love Libraries, and I love my phone!
Very funny, Dan. For free download of the track, e-mail info@afterschoolspecialmusic.com with "ASIANS IN LIBRARY" in subject line. For more information on afterschoolspecial and their music, go to the band's official website here and his YouTube channel here. Can someone tell me who Brad Paisley is?

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