3af video smackdown contest

Hey, young people. The Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF) has launched a contest called 3AF Video Smackdown. They're putting a call out to young folks to create a short YouTube video that answer the question: how do young Asian Americans consume media? (Including but not limited to TV, magazines, cell phone apps, radio, online, concerts, etc.) Basically, they're trying to gather information on this topic, so they're going straight to the source -- you. Here are some more details about the contest:
Contest Overview

- Create a video that answers the question “How do young Asian Americans
consume media (including but not limited to TV, magazines, cell phone apps,
radio, online, concerts, etc.)”?

- Video must be between one and three minutes in length. Be as creative as
possible! However, you must own, or have obtained the right or license to use,
the copyright and all other rights to the content contained in the video. Upload
your video to your own YouTube account.

- Submit on 3AF website entry form along with a video response URL to YouTube

- You will be automatically entered in a raffle for an Apple iPad 2 as long as you
meet all eligibility requirements.

- There will be one grand prize winner who will receive a grand prize of $1,000 in
cash, and one most popular video winner who will receive $500 in cash.
You could win $1000 or an iPad2. Seriously, they really want to know what you have to say. For further information, including the contest rules and how to enter, go to the 3AF Facebook page here and the submission form here.

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