"armed asian male" at ut-austin turns out to be false alarm

I was seriously freaked out for about ten minutes this afternoon, thanks to The Daily Texan's Twitter feed, which reported about a possible "Asian male armed with two tan shotguns" spotted on the campus of UT-Austin.

Yes, I am one of those people who drops everything when I hear news about a possible shooter or gunman. I say prayer that nobody gets hurt... then I say a prayer that the person in question isn't Asian.

Thankfully, this was reportedly just a false alarm. According to UTPD, the alleged armed Asian male was just a ROTC student transporting replica rifles to his trunk: UTPD issues all clear after reported rifles found to be replicas.

Someone apparently saw him and got spooked. Understandable. Seeing a guy pull out what looks like a couple of rifles from his trunk -- on a college campus, no less -- should probably raise a few red flags. But I do have to wonder if the fact that he was an Asian guy created more cause for alarm.

Just wondering. And really glad that this ended up being nothing.

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