"vigilante grocer" remains a talking point for politicians

Interesting... Remember Toronto Chinatown's "vigilante grocer"? In May 2009, David Chen made national headlines when he was arrested on charges of forcible confinement and assault after apprehended a shoplifter at his store, the Lucky Moose Food Mart. Chen was eventually acquitted.

The case got the attention of a lot of people in high places. Nearly two years later, the Lucky Moose Food Mart continues to be a significant talking point as federal politicians see to woo Canada's ethnic vote in the upcoming elections: Lucky Moose remains focal point for politicians.
The story of how a Chinatown store became a focal point for federal politicians began back in May 2009 when Lucky Moose owner David Chen chased down and tied up a serial shoplifter who had stolen from his store.

Originally charged with assault and forcible confinement, a judge threw out the case against Chen in October.

The NDP took notice. Local MP Olivia Chow helped translate Chen's comments to a crowd of reporters outside the courthouse on the day his case was tossed out.

Both the Liberals and the NDP introduced private members bills that recommended similar changes, but neither was adopted by Parliament.

The case also drew the attention of the Conservatives, who latched on to the story of the hardworking shopkeeper persecuted for trying to protect his business.
As for Chen, the guy at the center of all this attention, he supports the Conservatives' Bill C-60 -- the "Lucky Moose Bill" -- which would give shop owners more flexibility to make citizens' arrests. However, his stores displays signs supporting local NDP candidate Olivia Chow. Then again, he says he's actually undecided on who to he'll be voting for.

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