discounted apahm titles from the center for asian american media

Just wanted to plug something for our friends at the Center for Asian American Media... Are you an educator or librarian who purchases media for your institution's collection? Consider picking up some discounted video titles for APA Heritage Month. For the month of May, CAAM is offering three films at 20% off the educational price:

Fumiko Hyashida: The Woman Behind the Symbol documents the journey of a woman who in February 1942, was a 31-year old, pregnant mother of two who was interned under Exclusion Order No. 1, authorizing the first relocation, targeted the Japanese Americans living on Bainbridge Island, Washington. As she waited to be taken off the Island by armed military escorts, Fumiko, holding her 13 month-old daughter Natalie Kayo, was photographed by a Seattle Post-Intelligencer photographer (pictured above). The photograph has since become a lasting iconic symbol of the internment experience. Along with Fumiko's story, this film exposes the discriminatory relocation of 110,000 Japanese living on the West Coast.

Searching for Asian America profiles several individuals and communities from across the country in three 30-minute programs that offer fresh perspectives on how Asian Americans continually redefine and empower themselves in contemporary society. From Filipino immigrant doctors in Oklahoma to an underground comic artist to the former governor of Washington state, this film illuminates the challenges and achievements of icons within Asian America.

Sa-I-Gu, literally April 29, presents the 1992 Los Angeles riots in an unprecedented way: from the perspectives of Korean women shopkeepers. Hoping to offer an alternative to mainstream media's inability or refusal to present the voices of victims in human terms, this film exposes the implications this tragic event had on race relations between the Black and Korean communities in Los Angeles, as well as the necessary conversations we must have to solve problems revolving around class division, crime, violence poverty and the urban underclass. Sa-I-Gu provides a perspective that is essential to discussions on the Los Angeles unrest that brought numerous social issues to the forefront.

To purchase these titles at a discount, just enter the code APAHM2011 at check out. For more information, and to look at the huge selection of educational titles available for purchase or rent, go to the CAAM website.

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