music video: "at this hour" by scott tang

Check out this music video for "At This Hour" by my buddy singer/songwriter Scott Tang. Forgive me, because I meant to post this when it was released a few months back, but it just got buried under a pile of stuff. Nevertheless, better late than never -- I wanted to make sure I shared it, because it's a lot of silly fun. Take a look:

Fun stuff. If you couldn't tell, it was a low-budget production. Scott tells me he and the band just rolled into a hotel one night and shot it, no big deal. You can also watch some outtakes/deleted scenes from the video shoot here.

"At This Hour" is off of Scott's recently released album A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Insomniac, which is described as "electronic singer/songwriter stuff." For more information on Scott Tang and his music, check out his official website here and go to his Facebook page here.

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