new music: this man... this emcee! by adam warrock

Hey, nerds! Got some new tunes for you. My man Eugene Ahn, aka Adam WarRock, the internet's foremost comic book rapper, just dropped the six-track EP This Man... This Emcee!. It features fresh rhymes and all the geeky comic book-themed hip hop you can seal in a mylar bag. The lead single is titled "Marvel vs. DC" -- that should tell you something. Preview it below:

If you follow Adam WarRock's work, you know he regularly posts mixtapes and miscellaneous tracks all the time, but this is only his second official release. Here's some explanation behind the songs on the EP, from Eugene's blog:
"Marvel vs. DC" is a song that I'm probably the most proud of in my catalog. "Nerd Corps" is the culmination of all my feelings, both excitement and reservations, in being labeled as a nerdcore emcee, a sentiment that's amplified by the presence of the amazing Dual Core and Beefy on the remix. "Sad Ultron" is a song that I've actually been doing live quite a bit, just a winking song about the nature of people. "New Sincerity" is a personal philosophy statement told in song form. And "Johnny Wanderin'" gave me the chance to redo a song that I did on the TrackLog, one that I always felt wasn't exactly right, and is a nice endcap to the EP, a song about not knowing where the future is taking you
You can download This Man... This Emcee! for just $5 from Bandcamp, where you can get the exclusive "Fantomex" remix by DJ Empirical. For more information about Adam WarRock and his music, check out official website here.

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