video: one shot by freddie wong (feat. eliza dushku)

I've been greatly enjoying the humorous, ultra-violent and action-packed videos of Freddie Wong, a resourceful and extremely popular filmmaker who consistently produces highly entertaining shorts on YouTube. For his latest videos, he's been recruiting some star power... like One Shot featuring none other than Eliza Dushku. Take a look:

Like something out of a video game. For this one, they wanted to do a long action sequence shot in one take. That outside shot apparently took twenty takes to get. To see how the video came together, Watch the behind the scenes video here. And for more from Freddie Wong and Co., check out his YouTube channel here.

And for more Freddie Wong, check out this funny Kids React video from The Fine Brothers, where we get to see what the young people think of this crazy YouTube personality (hint: the kids love him).

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