vote for paul dateh in youtube's on the rise contest

All right, people. I'm calling on you for help. Our friend Paul Dateh is currently in the running for YouTube's monthly On The Rise contest, which highlights up-and-coming video talent and helps their channels get a subscriber boost. The winner gets featured on the YouTube homepage for a day. Who is Paul Dateh? Check out his music video for "Good Life" with Ken Belcher:

This is the title track from his album The Good Life. Good stuff.

Paul, who I've highlighted here many times before, has never been featured on YouTube before -- which is crazy, because he's a hugely talented musician (not to mention a hell of a guy) -- so I think he definitely deserves the spotlight. How about helping him get some exposure? Vote for Paul here (on the right sidebar).

Paul's been firmly in second place, but your votes could help him close the gap. Voting ends on Wednesday, May 18 at 6pm PST. Help a brother out! And for more from Paul Dateh, check out his YouTube channel here and his official website here.

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