wow. that was fun. thanks and love.

A big thank you to everyone who came out to my 10th Anniversary Party on Saturday night. A huge thanks to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival and all the people who helped put the event together, including the hard-working festival staff, O-Dub, Rani D, The Shanghai Restoration Project, all the sponsors, and everyone else who made a kick-ass contribution.

Huuuuuge thank you goes to angryplus1 and Peachies for coordinating and producing a special secret congratulatory video, which was revealed to me at the party. Featuring a big group of friends and supporters from the community, I was surprised and humbled by all the love and good wishes. Y'all know how to make a guy feel appreciated. I share it with you here:

Big thanks to everyone who shared such encouraging words: Dawen, Randall Park, David Choi, Steve Byrne, Jen Wang & Diana Nguyen, Parry Shen, Jane Lui, Ryan Suda, Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, Phil Wang, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai, C.S. Lee, Ramey Ko, Tanzila Ahmed, Jerry Ma, L.S. Kim, Beau Sia, John Cho, Bao Phi, Daniel Dae Kim, Teddy Zee, Helen Gym & Asian Americans United, Michael Kang, Harry Shum, Jr., Kai Ma, Lynn Chen, Far East Movement, Joz Wang, Kina Grannis, University of Pennsylvania Asian American Students, Stanford Alternative Spring Break Asian American Students, Midwest Asian American Students Union, Jeff Yang.

This video was edited from a bunch of longer videos that everyone submitted with kind words of support and shenanigans (and sometimes, dancing). I've watched all of them, and it meant a lot to hear from all these people I respect and admire. I'll post those when I get the chance.

Thanks again, and stay angry!

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