crazy epic akira poster

Saw this over at io9 a couple of weeks ago, been meaning to share... Check out this awesome Akira poster created by Tyler Stout for the Alamo Drafthouse Mystery Movie. It's basically all the scenes and characters from the movie condensed into one insane poster. View the big version -- you really need to see it to get all the detail -- here.

Speaking of Akira, I forgot to mention this recent development regarding the troubled live-action adaptation that Warner Brothers has been trying to get off the ground. After a long list of stars passing on the project, and just general fan disdain over the whitewashed script, now the movie needs a new director.

Director Albert Hughes has reportedly left the project over "creative differences." In Hollywood, that could mean any number of things, but considering all the damn headaches that surrounded adapting this beloved manga/anime into a live-action film, it's not a surprising development: Director Albert Hughes Leaves AKIRA.

It says that Warner Bros. was actively seeking a new director to replace Hughes (I'm late in posting this -- the news actually dropped last month). If you ask me, I think they'd be better off scrapping this project and going back to the drawing board. There is no need to make a Hollywood Akira movie. But if they're going to make it, how about doing it right?

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