ed lee for mayor! one problem: he doesn't want to run.

Since taking office in January to replace outgoing mayor Gavin Newsom, San Francisco's popular interim mayor Ed Lee has insisted from day one that he would not run for the position later this year: San Francisco's popular mayor says he won't run for election.

But that doesn't mean people don't want him. A number grassroots campaigns launched by Lee's supporters, including the Draft Ed Lee Organizing Committee and Run Ed Run, are gaining steam with the hope that he'll change his mind and run for a four-year term.
In a town of high-profile mayors who have played to the press - think Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom - Lee has emerged as an everyman hero. Most unusually, he has sidestepped the high-drama battles between moderate liberals and more left-leaning progressives that have at times paralyzed city business.

"Theatrics and electoral politics go hand in hand" here, said political consultant Alex Clemens, who is not involved with the recruiting efforts. "Recent San Francisco mayors have been larger than life. And part of Ed Lee's charm is that he is exactly life-sized. He is not trying to be bigger or different than he has been for his entire career in public service."

Though the filing deadline for the mayor's race is in mid-August, more than 30 candidates have already declared. Several are solid contenders, including two current supervisors, a former supervisor, the city attorney, the city assessor and State Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco).

Many of them have similar views and can be expected to split the vote. Lee's appeal appears more widespread.
Maybe more Ed Lee is what San Francisco needs! A lot of people seem to believe it. But it sounds like he's the one you'll have to convince the most. More here: Ed Lee for S.F. mayor backers busy with campaigns. And check out the Run Ed Run campaign website here.

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