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The CreativeLife: Just wanted to plug this cool new podcast, recently launched by standup comedian (and friend to the blog) Jenny Yang, featuring conversations about the art, business, and soul of living the creative life.

Reformers, please listen to what parents want for schools: Our friend Helen Gym wrote a CNN opinion piece calling for a new standard by which education reformers measure a school's success -- and it's not necessarily something that can be measured numerically.

The Ultimate 21st Century People of Color Sci-Fi List: "It seems that when it comes to sci-fi, cultural experiences of the melanin-inclined are merely reserved for exotic backdrop (ahem, "Stargate") and half-assed tokenization (ahem, the horrible Mandarin in "Firefly"). But fear not! I have scoured the cosmos and unearthed 10 fantasmic films, books, and records to transport you to the unreal—while still letting you keep it real."

Dangers to the Asian American Community in the 21st Century: Actor/director/writer and "D-List YouTuber" Shyaporn Theerakulstit offers an entertaining and informative video lecture of sorts on the pressing issues facing our community.

The 10 Most Powerful Women Authors: The Namesake author Jhumpa Lahiri makes it on one Forbes columnist's list of the most "powerful" women authors -- ten living women writers who can tell (and sell) a good story.

Asian Women, American GIs, and Modern Rape Culture: This post for Persephone Magazine attempts to shine a light on the extensive and once notorious legacy of the rape, trafficking and forced sexual exploitation of Asian women by American soldiers abroad, and how it still resonates today.

Cod Satrusayang: In defense of the wolf pack: Bangkok-based writer and critic Cod Satrusayang argues that while The Hangover Part II isn't pretty, its mildly embarrassing depictions of the seamy side of Thailand are spot-on.

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