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Vincent Chin? Remembering Ronald Ebens-the guy who got away with murder: Twenty-nine years after the brutal hate crime murder of Vincent Chin, blogger/journalist Emil Guillermo locates Ronald Ebens, the former Chrysler autoworker who got away with killing him... and calls him up.

Crime Without Punishment: Why the Death of Vincent Chin Resonates Today: Frances Kai-Hwa Wang explains why, with the recession and rise in anti-immigrant sentiment, the Vincent Chin murder case is even more relevant than ever.

A Father's Day tribute: If I could tell my father I love him: A moving Father's Day essay by Tina Case, who remembers the ways her late Chinese dad loved her, and what he taught her, even if he was never much for outward affection.

Austin is no place for "Yellow-face": The blog post, written by several Asian American faculty members at University of Texas at Austin, calls out the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Austin's decision to perform a production of The Mikad without any historical context.

NY Archbishop Fears Gay Marriage Will Make Us Asian: New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan apparently believes the New York state legislature's impending vote on gay marriage will somehow transform the free-thinking United States into iron-fisted government of China or North Korea.

Dream Summer: This summer, for the first time in U.S. history, one hundred immigrant youth leaders will participate in Dream Summer: the first national internship for Dream Act student leaders across the country.

Immigrant Misappropriations: The Importance of Ichiro: This is a great piece by Jay Caspian Kang on what the career of Ichiro Suzuki has personally meant for him and the game of baseball.

Mom/I'm Back: This actually has little to do with Asian America, but I'm highly amused that the half-broken torso of a Quick Kick action figure -- the unofficial mascot of this blog -- acts as an unlikely heartfelt memento of one blogger's loving relationship with her late mom.

Memories of Iris Chang: From a Mother's Eyes: Psychiatrist Ravi Chandra writes about the tragic legacy of Rape of Nanking author Iris Chang, who committed suicide in 2004, and her mother Ying-Ying Chang's struggle to grapple with her death in her new memoir The Woman Who Could Not Forget.

China's "Born in the USA" Frenzy: Here's yet another article about the crazy (and costly) lengths that expectant Chinese mothers will go to, in order to ensure their child is born -- and receives citizenship -- in the United States.

All brown everything: With Latinos and South Asians representing the two fastest-growing populations in America, Jeff Yang's latest "Asian Pop" column for SF Gate asks if it's time for a cultural rethinking of "brown."

Kiehl's Father's Day Shoot: Speaking of Jeff, check him out -- in all his wet t-shirt glory -- and his son Hudson in one of the photos featured in this cute Kiehl's Father's Day shoot on The Sartorialist.

Asian American Divorcing Dad, Surviving Infidelity: This is a recently launched blog started by a divorced Asian American single father of three kids, writing about picking up the pieces, starting over, and rebuilding his life.

What's Wrong With This Picture?: A recent panel entitled "New Faces of Indie Film," hosted by the Film Society at Lincoln Center, featured just one woman, ten men, and absolutely no people of color.

Interview with MC Jin: Kristie Hang of MYX TV interviews the one and only emcee Jin, who is still going strong and holding it down in Hong Kong, and is no longer the same cocky kid you saw on BET's "Freestyle Friday" all those years ago.

Moon Bloodgood shows her sensitive side in 'Falling Skies': Here's an interview with actress Moon Bloodgood, who stars as a doctor in post-alien invasion America in the new TNT sci-fi drama Falling Skies.

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