stop the deportation of the choi family

I recently heard about the plight of the Choi family, who face deportation to Korea after planting roots in the United States for the past 17 years. Brothers Seul Chan and Seul Ki (also known as Chan and Ki) were just 6 and 8 years old, respectively, when they first moved to America, and it's basically the only home they know: Act Now for DREAMers Chan and Ki & Their Parents!

After Mr. Choi was denied work sponsorship, which he was originally promised by his employer, the family spent years exhausting numerous channels to legally adjust their status without success. The family now faces imminent removal orders, which will send Chan and Ki and their parents back to Korea, a country they no longer are familiar with.

The brothers' hearing date is this Friday, July 1. Community leaders, advocates, and the family's attorneys are pursuing all possible resources to support the Choi family. But here are some things that you can do to help, which includes signing the online petition to the Department of Homeland Security:
5 Things You Can do!

1. Sign the petition at http://bit.ly/ChoiFamilyPetition

2. Share this link with 5 of your friends http://bit.ly/ChoiFamilyAction

3. Tweet the following to your network: Sign & Retweet! 5 things you can do for dreamers Chan, Ki & their parents! http://bit.ly/ChoiFamilyAction #aapi #p2 #dreamact

4. Change your Facebook status to: Keep the Choi Family Together in America! 5 things you can do for dreamers Chan and Ki and their parents! http://bit.ly/ChoiFamilyAction #aapi #p2 #dreamact

5. Join the Choi Family Facebook Page and help spread the word! http://on.fb.me/le9K8d
For more information about the Choi family, go to the NAKASEC website here. And remember to sign the online petition at Change.org here. If you would like to get involved, please contact Jani Kim, Immigrant Rights Program Coordinator at KRC (jani@krcla.org | 323-937-3718) or Olivia Park, Program Associate at NAKASEC (opark@nakasec.org | 202-299-9540).

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