what the hell was that on so you think you can dance?

Did anybody catch So You Think You Can Dance last night? I tuned in. So I gotta ask: what the hell was up with the top ten women routine? That was one crazy-ass geisha-tastic orientalistic spectacle. I just watched, my mouth hanging open, kind of dumbstruck. See for yourself, before Fox yanks the video:

Hooray for exoticism and cultural appropriation -- on national television! There's no denying that these ladies can dance their asses off. But damn, that was one serious celebration of stereotype perpetuatin'. Take a big Oriental bow.

It's worth noting two guys who stand out amongst the top ten:

Marko Germar, originally from Dededo, Guam.

Tadd Gadduang, from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Looking forward to seeing if these guys advance in the competition.

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