angry asian canucks fan apologizes to vancouver

Remember this guy? He's one of the now-infamous Canucks fans who had the misfortune of being photographed causing a ruckus on the streets of Vancouver during the post-Game 7 Stanley Cup riots. He has since been identified as Jason Li, a student at Hugh McRoberts Secondary School.

A month later, he's also one of the many Canucks fans who have come forward to apologize: Dozens of Vancouver rioters turning themselves in to police. Seriously, here's the apology, straight from Jason to the city of Vancouver: My Apology to the City of Vancouver.

"My involvement was a bad decision I made in the heat of the moment and it something that i feel a profound sense of regret towards. I would like to apologize for my role in the violence and make sure that it is the first and last time anything like this happens to me."

I didn't watch the whole video -- it's eight minutes long. But the guy is definitely upset and feeling the full impact of having his name and photograph negatively plastered all over the internet. Sucks for you, man. You are the most famous Angry Asian Canadian hockey fan. Lessons learned, no doubt.

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