fund this: rachael yamagata's new album

It's been a while since we've heard anything new from singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata. I was a huge fan of her debut full-length Happenstance, and I was digging her edgy sophomore double album Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart.

But that was almost three years ago. So I was pleased to hear that she's hard at work on a new indie record. But first, she's calling on fans to help make it happen through PledgeMusic. Rachael explains:
BONJOUR friends...

Writing you from John Alagia's reconverted house studio from the Eastern Shore. We've pitched the tent, blown up air mattresses, moved in gear and I'm thrilled to say are knee deep into one of my favorite recordings ever.

My new team includes the fab musicians that have lovingly bent over backwards to be a part of this adventure AND Pledge Music - my new fav way of returning the artist and fan direct to the driver's seat - that means YOU and ME.

Here on the Pledge Music page you can become an integral part of making and releasing this record right up to me coming your way for slews of live shows and multiple kisses. We're making it a full on journey that invites all to be the backstage guest - music, pix, video, prose - anything and everything will be posted here exclusively so you can see what's happening as it all unfolds.
For pledging you'll receive the as-yet untitled new album when it's available, along with all sorts of exclusive peeks and goodies along the way. As I write this, fundraising for the new album is already at 98% towards the pledge goal. A percentage of all funds raised beyond the target will be donated to the ASPCA. For more information about Rachael Yamagata, her music and the new album campaign, and to kick in a donation, go to PledgeMusic here.

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