seven missing in fishing trip disaster

Terribly tragic news out of Mexico... In San Felipe, concerned families are waiting for word on what happened seven U.S. tourists who are still missing two days after their boat capsized during an Independence Day fishing trip off Mexico's coast: In Mexico, US shipmates await word of 7 missing.

Some shipmates survived the wreck, but at least one American tourist, besides the seven missing, was found dead on shore and identified as 65-year-old Leslie Yee of Ceres, California: Ceres man confirmed dead in Baja boat mishap.
On Tuesday, the shipmates who survived the wreck anxiously awaited word as the Mexican navy and the U.S. Coast Guard expanded their search in the Gulf of California, holding out hope that the missing were able to survive in the gulf's balmy waters.

Mexican navy Capt. Ruben Bustos said they are increasing resources and moving their search area south of Gonzaga bay, a coastal town south of the port of San Felipe where efforts concentrated Monday.

Rescue teams are also coordinating efforts with officials across the gulf in the northern state of Sonora because shipwreck survivors in the region sometimes are swept far away by fast tides.
From what I can gather from new stories, this was a big group of friends and relatives setting out for the fishing trip of their lives, only to see their vacation turn into a devastating nightmare. More here: Group aboard capsized Baja fishing boat were friends and relatives.

The missing men are Don Lee, Russ Bautista, Mark Dorland, Brian Wong, Al Mein, Gene J. Leong and Shawn Chaddock. My prayers are with their families.

UPDATE: Loved ones have set up the following sites for updates:
Find Our Fathers

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