three arrested in cambridge prostitution ring

Oh snap! Asian gangs and prostitution in Cambridge? Earlier this month in Massachusetts, three men -- Wei X. Chen, Yue Q. He, and Xiaohong Xue -- were arrested and indicted on charges of "conspiring to induce travel to engage in prostitution": Man Accused of Operating Cambridge Brothels.

Chen is accused of operating three brothels in Cambridge that were frequented by alleged members of an illegal gambling business and drug-trafficking conspiracy. And yes, according to the FBI, the brothels were staffed primarily by Asian prostitutes.
The arrests were the product of a multi-year investigation into organized crime in Chinatown, resulting in indictments being brought against 26 people from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida.

"This criminal organization is alleged to have trafficked large amounts of drugs, threatened and beat up individuals who failed to pay off large illegal debts, and moved women around the country to work in their brothels," said U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz in a statement.

Minh Cam Luong, along with nine others, was charged with running an illegal gambling business and using violence against clients who did not pay their debts.

Employees of Luong, a member of the Ping On Gang in the early '90s, allegedly frequented Chen's brothels, as did associates of John Willis, the alleged leader of a drug-trafficking conspiracy who goes by "Bac Guai John," or "White Devil John," according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Am I the only who finds it highly amusing that the drug leader guy in question is nicknamed "White Devil John"? That's awesome. If convicted of the prostitution conspiracy charges, the three men will spend up to five years in prison and each pay a $250,000 fine. More here: Feds: Chinese mob connected to three Cambridge brothels.

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