advice from a sicko loser: "flash asian women"

Oh, gross. Bunch of folks have been sending this link my way, from theGrio.com... Well, you learn something new every day, on some days they're things you wish you could unlearn. So there's apparently a "public masturbation website" out there that essentially instructs people how to flash and not get caught. And one of their handy tips: target Asian women.

I'd prefer not give the site any more publicity or exposure (no pun intended), so I won't specify the URL, but it's a forum where sicko loser can discuss the best way to expose themselves to innocent victims, including tips on the best time, location, concealment methods, getaway routes... and targets:
For the gentlemen on Dickflash, the targets are never accidental — there is lots of talk on the forums of teenage girls, and to a lesser extent female in-laws.

In a thread that polled users on whether they'd been arrested (click to enlarge the results), one poster laid out hard-learned ground rules: "No white women over the age of 25 unless you have a wicked getaway plan. Flash Asian women or Black women, Asian's are too embarrased to call the cops and black women think it's funny."
That is some disturbing shit -- that such a website exists, and that these sick assholes can be so casual about categorizing their victims. But it explains a lot, doesn't it? A more in-depth analysis, posted last year, over on Jezebel.

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