the jubilee project: letter of hope

The Jubilee Project has released its latest video, Letter of Hope, in support of Red Balloon, a not-for-profit organization that promotes music therapy for sick children. For every view that the video receives until September 15, 2011, sponsors will each donate a penny to Red Balloon.

Written and directed by Eddie Lee, and starring Anna Yang, it's a simple story about a girl who chooses to believe in something greater than herself. I'll admit, I always approach these videos with a cynical heart... but something about them always gets to me. Take a look for yourself:

Red Balloon sponsors music therapy programs for the UC Davis Children's Hospital and organizes annual benefit concerts to bring awareness about music therapy and secure educational opportunities for underserved children. For more information, go to the Red Balloon website here.

The Jubilee Project produces videos for a good cause. Their vision is to make entertaining videos that will empower, enable, and inspire others to do good as well. For more information, go to The Jubilee Project website here, and to see more videos, go to their YouTube channel here.

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