marko and tadd in the so you think you can dance season finale

Okay, so I haven't really tuned in to So You Think Can Dance? since earlier in the summer, not since they did that crazy-ass geisha-tastic orientalistic routine with the top ten women. I didn't stop watching because of the routine -- it's just not priority viewing for me.

But I would sporadically check in to see how the Asian contestants were doing... and guess what? Both Marko and Tadd have made it to the season eight finale. That's got to be kind of historic, right?

Marko Germar, originally from Dededo, Guam.

Tadd Gadduang, from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'm not sure how popular they are -- they must have significant fan followings to have made it this far -- but from what I've seen, both are pretty damn talented. Do either of these guys have what it takes to be the champion? Find out tonight on the two-hour So You Think You Can Dance season finale on Fox.

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