angry reader of the week: david chiu

You know what time it is. It's time for another Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is San Francisco mayoral candidate David Chiu.

Who are you?
David Chiu.

What are you?
The first Asian American President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Candidate to be the first elected Asian Mayor of San Francisco. Proud Asian American activist. Son of first generation immigrants. A former civil rights attorney, criminal prosecutor, technology company founder. Mediocre electric violinist, surfer, and snowboarder.

Where are you?
San Francisco, California - the greatest city in the greatest country on earth! On our city’s legislative body, I am privileged to represent District 3 – home to some of the San Francisco’s most famous neighborhoods, nightlife and tourist attractions, including North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Russian Hill, Polk Street, Nob Hill, Union Square, the Financial District, the Barbary Coast and Fisherman's Wharf. District 3 is also home to the oldest Chinatown in North America.

Where are you from?
Born in Cleveland, raised in Boston. I moved to San Francisco because I was drawn to our city’s diversity, commitment to social justice and innovation, and couldn’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

What do you do?
As President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, my job is to manage San Francisco’s legislative body, which passes all of our city’s laws, approves our city’s budget, and responds to the needs of diverse constituents.

What are you all about?
I am about thinking deeply and dreaming creatively about how to solve our city’s problems. About building grassroots coalitions and bringing people together to move beyond tired ideological arguments and personality-driven politics. About empowering community activists, government workers, and people from all walks of life to work together to get things done.

What makes you angry?
Seeing immigrant families live in tiny, cramped rooms in SRO buildings that are not safe in earthquakes or fires, restaurant workers making less than a living wage without health insurance, and great poverty living side-by-side with great wealth. Waiting for municipal buses that are late every day, or hearing about small business owners who have to navigate 15 bureaucratic agencies to create a job. But anger is a great motivator for getting things done for the communities that we love.

photographer: Shaun Tiangsing
styling: Jenny Ton & Julia H. Rhee of Retrofit Republic

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