asian internet forum song

Is there anything more frustrating than having a conversation with the internet? No. But it can also be pretty damn hilarious. This music video, Asian Internet Forum Song by Prince Gomolvilas and Brandon Patton, is the actual text taken from an entire internet discussion thread, verbatim, and set to music. The song was apparently a big hit at the 2011 National Asian American Theater Festival. Take a look:

This video simultaneously encapsulates what is both awful and wonderful about the way we communicate on the world wide web. Awful, because seriously, have you ever had a productive conversation in an internet forum? And wonderful, because the technology allows us to create and share something this hilarious out of human stupidity.

For more from Prince Gomolvilas and Brandon Patton, check out their Jukebox Stories Facebook page Also go to Prince's website here and Brandon's website here (where you can download the song for free).

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