beware the yogurt shop rapist and his soundproof sicko chamber

This news is a couple of weeks old, but I was just reminded about it... and damn, it gives me the friggin' shivers. In August, a yogurt shop owner in Southern California, California was arrested for allegedly attacking an employee and imprisoning her in a soundproof box: Owner put naked yogurt-store employee inside box, D.A. says.

37-year-old Robert Yachen Lee, the owner of O My Yogurt in Monterey Park, is accused of knocking out a female employee, removing her clothes and dressing her in an adult diaper, and holding her prisoner in his homemade sicko chamber. Lee is charged with kidnapping to commit rape and attempted first degree murder:
Robert Yachen Lee alleged lured the employee to a storage room above O My Yogurt on south Atlantic Boulevard early Wednesday, knocked her unconscious and then -- after removing her clothing and dressing her in an adult diaper -- placed her in a box, authorities said.

The victim told authorities that when she came to, she was bound with tape and had a collar around her neck.

Prosecutors believe Lee planned the kidnapping, because the storage room had recently been soundproofed.

The woman was able to free herself and escape to a nearby optometrist's office, where she alerted police.
Whaaaat the hell. Fortunately, the victim was able to free herself and get the hell out of there before Yogurt Rapist Guy could get away with anything worse in his crazy little storage room. This is some weird-ass sex criminal stuff out of SVU. More here: California Yogurt Store Owner Allegedly Locks Diaper-Clad Employee in Box.

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