cung le to fight vitor belfort at ufc 139

Heads up, fight fans... Last week, Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that former Strikeforce middleweight champion Cung Le will make his long-awaited debut in the Octagon against Vitor Belfort, headlining UFC 139 on November 19 in his hometown of San Jose: Cung Le to fight Vitor Belfort.
Let's talk about the big news with your mixed martial arts career. What initiated the conversation that led to this UFC fight?

After UFC bought out Strikeforce, I went to the UFC summit (in May). Lorenzo and Dana mentioned to me that they'd like to see me fight again. I told Lorenzo that I was making some movies: "If you guys work around my schedule, I'd love to fight again, but for you guys."

And Lorenzo said, "We'll work around your movie schedule."

When my movie pushed, I told Scott Coker, "Is there any possibility of me fighting in UFC?" He said, "We'll see what we can do. I'll set up the meeting and we'll go from there."

He set up the meeting and I went in. Dana and Lorenzo were very open and very excited about having me, and next thing we know, we're here today and I've got a fight.
Read the rest of this interview, where Le talks about his continuing MMA career as well as his roles in the upcoming action movies The Man with the Iron Fists and Dragon Eyes: Cung Le excited about juggling UFC, movies. (Thanks, Anthony.)

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