Police release sketch of Asian victim in Gilgo Beach murders

Suffolk County authorities investigating ten bodies found dumped along a remote beach highway.

Some follow up on this case in New York... In Suffolk County, authorities are investigating ten bodies that were found dumped along a stretch of a remote beach highway.

Remains Found On Beach Tied To 1996 Homicide.

DNA testing has determined that some of the victims are related, but the bodies could have actually been left by several killers. One of the victims was previously determined to be a young Asian man.

Last week, authorities released a sketch of two of unidentified victims.

Authorities on Tuesday also released sketches of two of the unidentified victims. One was an Asian man between 17 and 23 who was found wearing women's clothes. The other was a dismembered woman whose partial remains were found near Ocean Parkway in April and a decade earlier in a town 45 miles east.

Police are hoping the release of additional information, including the sketches, jogs someone's memory in a case that has stymied veteran homicide detectives.

This is a crazy case, like something out of a serial killer movie, only things don't get solved in ninety minutes. Or scenes out of mafia movies, where they dump the bodies after someone gets whacked.

There was speculation that the body of the Asian victim could be Jimmy Tsui, a missing Stony Brook student who disappeared in 1998, but that possibility was officially ruled out through DNA analysis.

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