vogue model tapes eyes back for asian-looking eyes

So it's not enough that the fashion industry regularly ignores Asian models (and other people of color). Here's the latest WTF... This behind-the-scenes video of a Japanese Vogue fashion shoot shows model Crystal Renn, who is Caucasian, having her eyes taped back to imitate the features of an Asian face: Japanese 'Vogue' Caught in Another Race Scandal. Here's the video:

And there you have it: for Asian eyes, just use some handy beauty tape to stretch that shit back. Ah, there's nothing like some good old fashioned yellowface to energize your fabulous fashion photo shoot.

I don't understand why they felt this look was necessary... but then again, it's just plain futile to understand the whims of fashion, sensitive as ever. More here: Is Taping Your Eyes To Look Asian The New Blackface?

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