oca-gla's 2011 mentored path to citizenship grant

Heads up. A great opportunity for you or someone you know...

OCA-Greater Los Angeles is offering its third annual Mentored Path to Citizenship Grant, a $680 naturalization grant to provide assistance to a qualified individual in Los Angeles County seeking U.S. citizenship.

The one-time grant will provide financial assistance towards application fees, while also giving the recipient the opportunity to receive assistance from the Asian Pacific American Legal Center throughout the application process.

All interested individuals are asked to complete a written application. To download the application, go here, or call the OCA-GLA office at (213) 250-9888 to receive a paper application.

Sorry for the short notice, but the application deadline is coming up in a couple of days: October 28. But it's worth it! For more information, including eligibility and application instructions, go to the OCA-GLA website here.

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