koream's "soju wanna make a video?" contest

Grab your cameras. In honor of KoreAm's 11th Annual 'Unforgettable' entertainment and awards gala, they've teamed up with Hite and Jinro to sponsor a video commercial contest, open to anyone and everyone with a video camera and a decent idea. The grand prize winner gets $1,000 cash, tickets to the star-studded gala and more. Here are some more details:
To celebrate this year's "Unforgettable" gala, KoreAm and Hite/Jinro is sponsoring a video contest starring you!

Your mission: To create a commercial featuring either Hite beer or Jinro soju.

Real Men of Genius. The Most Interesting Man in the World. Tastes Great, Less Filling. Some of the best and most memorable commercials feature adult beverages.

So let your imagination run wild, come up with a witty slogan and produce your own commercial featuring Hite Beer or Jinro soju for the world to see!

Write a script, cast your friends, turn on the video camera and get moving! Videos must be no longer than one (1) minute long and must be submitted by November 26, 2011.
On November 28, we'll post the top 10 videos for viewers to vote on.

Voting ends on November 30, and 3 finalists (2 finalists with the most number of votes, and 1 editors' pick) will each win 2 tickets to KoreAm's exclusive celebrity-studded gala “Unforgettable”.

The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 in cold hard cash!
The deadline to enter is November 26. For further information about the contest, including guidelines and rules, go to the KoreAm website here. Good luck!

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